the SANS man
20-something trying to be director. Currently based in Purchase, NY.

Cinephile, artist in training, unrepentant Kanye fan.
the SANS man

Trying to dance the breakdance xD  
Pumpkaboo is Pitrouille in french and Gorgeist is Banshitrouye =)
…. well I just chose a random pokémon to animate and it was it :U: 
Voilaaaa ^^  il dansent soit du Breakdance ou du zouk love qui sait ? xD

Kiss, by Nikolai Tarkhov.


Is this the greatest collaboration ever? Original art from the 1974 San Diego Comicon program book featuring contributions from Charles Schulz, Jack Kirby and Russell Myers.

this is my crucifix
Q: we all know here the only good man is SKELETON MAN
Asked by nastynido

boosie fade